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34 years of excellence in eye care
61,70,711 Outpatients; 12,96,647 surgeries

Gallery - Old Memories

BEH Foundation Stone Laying 01
Beh Banner
AH KH Iris Berben
Our Partners Also Need To Know March 2008
B Scan Examination
Refraction At BEH
BEH View December 2007
02 Retina
Retina Examination
A Team Of Competent Staff At BEH February 2008
1010 Library
1445 Low Vision Training To CBR Workers
Retina Surgery
Slit Lamp Examination At BEH
Beh Paediatric
Coming Up Nicely
Planner Meeting
1626 Automatic Refractometry Uploaded
1793 Bundesverdienstkreuz Federal Cross Of Merit
B Scan Examination
Paed Screening Camp
A New Batch Of Trained Skilled Doctors At 25 Year Anniverary Lahan
5031 PhacoTeaching
BEH Old Complex
The First Ideas Dr A Hennig And Mr Bindeshwar Mahato
Beh Retina Diagnostic2
Retinal Surgery
BEH Complex Design Discussion
BEH Foundation Stone Laying 02
Eastern Regional Ped Cat Workshop
Ot Video Facilities
Beh Retina Diagnostic
Low Vision
Beh General Screening2
SCEH Pedriatric Examination
Slitlam Examination
BEH Examination Room
Slit Lamp Examination At BEH 02
Plantation At BEH Complex
SCEH 25th Anniversary
January 2008 The Architect Arrives
EREC P Glaucoma Symposium
1714 Paed Surgery Rlg Uploaded
2012 7EROC 04
More Patients Waiting
That Looks Already Quite Impressive
All Helpers Small Or Tall Help
2012 7EROC 06
Humphrey Visual Field
Ot Action
SL Examination At BEH
Beh Surgical Camp2
Birarnagar Banner2
There Are Some More Ideas

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