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Biratnagar Cornea Collection Centre

Corneal blindness is the second most important cause of uniocular blindness after cataract. To combat corneal blindness, Biratnagar Cornea Collection Centre was started on 16th November 2007 in co-operation with Nepal Eye Bank (Tilganga Eye Centre) and NNJS-C. The centre provides eye donation willingness forms.

Eye Donation Form

Please download eye donation willingness form. (Eye Donation Willingness Form)

Please fill up form as instructed and submit to:

  • Biratnagar Cornea Collection Center
    Biratnagar Eye Hospital, Biratnagar or
  • Sagarmatha Choudhary Eye Hospital, Lahan


To increase public awareness about eye donation and to collect healthy donor corneas.

Partners supporting eye donation awareness activities and eye donation

  • Rotary Club of Biratnagar
  • Paropkar Abhiyan Samooha
  • Marwari Mahila Manch
  • Lions Club Shubham
  • Brahma Kumari Raj Yog Kendra
  • Patanjali Yog Siwir
  • Om Sai Kendra
  • Sanyukrta Tole Sangathan

Eye Donation Awareness Activities

  • Workshops with different social and religious groups about eye donation.
  • Classes (Power point presentation and video shows) about eye donation with different groups.
  • Radio advertisements about eye donation.
  • Pamphlets distribution and display of posters.
  • Radio interviews with different FM radio stations (Koshi FM, Image FM, Purwanchal FM) about eye donation activities.
  • Door to door activities.

Questions and Answers about Eye Donation

Download our Power Point presentations in Nepali and English.

Nepali (Presentation_Nepali.ppt -- 4.48MB)
English (Presentation_English.ppt -- 5.01MB)

Contact Number for Eye Donation

+977-21-436360 (office hours on working days)
9842096240 (24 hours)

Our Partners/Supporters

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