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41 years of excellence in eye care
13,793,792 Outpatients; 2,227,448 surgeries

Cataract Services:

  • Cataract Service via Separate Cataract examination unit
  • Individual counselling is done to the patient and attendant using model of eye, specimens of cataract, IOLs, tablet with video materials and simulation type software
  • This guide patient to arrive at proper surgery for them. Patients are also shown before and after surgery changes with the implantation of lenses.

Available Surgical Techniques: SICS, PHACO, Zepto Phaco

Available Intra Ocular Lenses: PC IOL, Toric, Foldable, Multifocal lenses

Surgery Packages: NRS 1,200 to NRS 140,000

Cabins are available (Super Deluxe, Deluxe, Single, Two Bedded, Three-Bedded)

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