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41 years of excellence in eye care
13,793,792 Outpatients; 2,227,448 surgeries

Post Graduate MD Ophthalmology with National Academy of Medical Science (NAMS)

Post Graduate MD Ophthalmology was started at EREC-P in affiliation with NAMS. Following ophthalmologists were recognized as faculty by NAMS (Dr Sanjay Kumar Singh- Professor, Dr Rakshya Pant Sitoula- Associate Professor, , Dr Sanjay Kumar Singh, SCEH Associate Professor, Dr Lalit Agarwal, Assistant Professor). 1st Batch of 2 residents, 2nd Batch of 2 residents and 3rd Batch of 3 residents have completed their 3 year study. At present, 8 resident doctors are enrolled for MD Ophthalmology course at EREC-P

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