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Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh Started ear care services

There is high prevalence of hearing impairment and ear drum pathology in Nepal of which 50% are preventable and majority of remaining are treatable. Through a community based programme in integration with district eye care centres, effective hearing impairment control programme can be established.

Eye –Ear & Hearing Care a Combined Approach

Joint eye and ear camp

First NNJS with support from CBM started eye and ear camp jointly through Biratnagar Eye Hospital (BEH) running under NNJS. An eye health worker of BEH was sent to ENT department of Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu for one month basic Otology training course. After training he could examine the ear patients also at joint eye ear camp site and able to perform awareness, prescribe basic medicine for ear disease and refer the ear patients to the ear hospital for surgery and further treatment. The training course was organized by Impact Nepal. Once staff got trained, basic equipment were purchased for conducting joint eye-ear camp. While conducting eye camp, the eye health worker who got trained in primary ear care, examined ear patients also. The patients with eye & ear problem were identified and primary treatments were provided at camp site. The eye patients required surgeries were brought to base eye hospital at Biratnagar and the ear patients requiring surgery and major treatment were referred to ear hospitals. The awareness materials regarding ear & hearing care displayed at camp sites and awareness campaign were done at camp site. Eye & Ear Patients and their relative (approximately 4,000 people) were attended the awareness campaigns. As the ear camps were conducted along with eye camp, there was no need to do separate arrangement like transportation, advertisement etc. for ear camp, this minimize the cost, energy and prevent duplication of effort. In this way infrastructure of eye care was utilized for ear care also. It is recommended that wherever eye care infrastructure is well developed, primary ear & hearing care services can be initiated within the same infrastructure.

Development of full-fledged Ear Care Services in Biratnagar Eye Hospital

Encouraged by the patient flow in joint eye and ear camp, ear care services has been started in Biratnagar Eye Hospital where ENT surgeon has been deputed. By the end of year 2013, 12,416 ear patients were examined and 201 patients underwent ear surgeries. During this period 67 joint eye & ear camps were also conducted.

Statistics 2015

Ear Examination: 25,064
Ear Department, Biratnagar Eye Hospital: 16,755
Ear OPD in ECCs: 2,614
101 Ear Screening Camp patients: 5,695
Ear Srugery: 1157

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