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Bhojpur Surgical Eye Camp 2009

The surgical eye camp was organised by Biratnagar Eye Hospital at Bhojpur, a hilly district in Koshi zone of Eastern Nepal with the local support of Bhojpur Netra Jyoti Sangh and the Primary eye care centre (PECC), Bhojpur. The PECC has 3 staff (1 Ophthalmic Assistant, 1 CMA & 1 Assistant) and is the only available eye centre providing eye care services in the district. The camp was scheduled from March 28th to 30th 2009 but the team consisting of 1 Doctor, 1 Administrator and 3 other staffs reached one day late. 433 patients (190 males and 243 females) were examined and 75 selected for surgery. 62 cataract and 9 other surgeries were performed in the camp. 4 Children with bilateral cataract were referred to Biratnagar Eye Hospital for surgery.

Here are some of the glimpses of the cataract surgical camp :

Difficult geographical terrain and challenging transportation Though Bhojpur is connected by air but the flights are irregular. Narrow muddy road connection to the other part of Eastern Region of Nepal, makes the journey challenging by jeep or bus. The only available road connection gets blocked in Monsoon due to heavy rain and land slides.


Machinery problems and narrow newly under construction muddy roads


Jeep and Tractors are the main mode of transportation to Bhojpur. As there was problem with the jeep (flat tyre and no place to repair it in nearby areas), surgical team reached one day late to Bhojpur.


This young gentleman brought his mother by carrying her in the carrying basket (Doko). He had to walk for two days in the hills to reach to the surgical camp site.


“The tears of joy” after the blind mother could see him again Sterilization, temporary operation theatre and beds


Autoclave room, Operation theatre and In Patient Ward Patients after operation


Patients after surgery

The young helping hands


Dedicated hard working volunteers helping blind people before and after surgery.

The happy patients



“Let us join hands together and bring happiness in the life of the people who are blind”

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